Redeem your NFT

Claim your physical BAYC painting!

How to claim your painting

project wallet: tangibleape.eth

How to claim your painting

Claiming your painting is done in four (4) easy steps! 🔥

You’ll first have to purchase one (1) of the available BAYC NFTs via OpenSea and then transfer the NFT back to the project wallet.

Wait, what? Send it back right away? Yes! The NFT acts like a voucher, and just like handing over a traditional voucher, we’ll need you to send your NFT back to the project wallet to verify the claim. In return, you will receive a “Work In Progress NFT” that will continue recognizing your wallet.

To ensure you are eligible for this claim, you must ensure that the transaction originates from a wallet you are connected with. You will receive a signature request with the same wallet to verify that we’re working with the right wallet. Once everything checks out, we will send you a form to fill in numerous details, including your email address.

After submitting your form, we will contact you to discuss additional information such as shipment details, artwork sizes, and more.

Step 1: Buy

Buy one of the available Redeem Tokens via OpenSea.

Step 2: Send

Transfer your NFT to our project wallet: tangibleape.eth.

Step 3: Connect

Connect to your wallet via MetaMask and complete the signature request.

Step 4: Claim

We will contact you to discuss further details, such as the shipment of the painting.

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